Behind the Webb Podcast

  • March 22, 2013

    Episode 18: On the Wings of Webb

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    The 21-foot-wide primary mirror of the Webb Telescope is so large that it will have to fold up to fit into a rocket and be launched to space. Join host Mary Estacion as she travels to ATK in Magna, Utah, where the mirror’s foldable backplane “wings” have been constructed.

    NASA's Webb Telescope Gets Its Wings

  • March 21, 2013

    SXSW Special Edition: Behind the Breaking of a Guinness Record

    At this year's South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, the Guinness World Record for the largest outdoor astronomy class was broken. Capturing the tension and excitement leading up to the event, this video also shows what it takes to break a world record.

  • March 10, 2013

    SXSW Special Edition: Shedding Light on the Webb

    During the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, thousands of people have been awed by the sight of the full-scale model of NASA’s Webb Telescope, both during the day and at night. “Behind the Webb” host, Mary Estacion, talks to lighting designer Todd Ward about how he uses light as art to create memorable experiences for guests.