Webb Telescope Trailer

Orbiting through space nearly a million miles from Earth, the Webb telescope will open up new expanses of the near and distant universe to our view.

Webb's infrared-detecting gaze will penetrate clouds of dust within our own galaxy to reveal previously hidden secrets, and reach back in space and time to view the very edge of the cosmos.

Webb will monitor the weather and atmospheres of the giant planets and study the composition of smaller objects in our solar system.

Webb will search for signs of life-sustaining water on planets beyond our solar system, and help us learn how planets form.

Webb will see through dust-cloaked regions impenetrable to visible light, revealing the birth of stars and swirling material around black holes.

Webb will see the first, tiniest galaxies of the cosmos, and witness their evolution into vast islands of stars.

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The James Webb Space Telescope

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Webb will be the largest telescope ever launched, an engineering marvel crafted to not only endure the rigors of space, but turn them to its advantage. Find out how Webb will work.

NASA Invites Artists to Visit James Webb Space Telescope

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