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June 19, 2019Release ID: 2019-34

NASA's Upcoming Webb Telescope Will Survey Saturn and Titan

Webb Will Seek to Learn More About These Worlds’ Weather and Chemistry

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April 17, 2019Release ID: 2019-27

A “Jellyfish” Galaxy Swims Into View of NASA’s Upcoming Webb Telescope

Webb will examine clumps of newly formed stars in the galaxy’s tail

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December 12, 2018Release ID: 2018-59

NASA's Webb Telescope Will Provide Census of Fledgling Stars in Stellar Nursery

Webb’s infrared vision will help researchers tally the population of young stars

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November 14, 2018Release ID: 2018-53

NASA's Webb Telescope Will Investigate Cosmic Jets from Young Stars

Infrared Light Penetrates Dusty Cocoons to Reveal Secrets of Star Birth

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March 09, 2018Release ID: 2018-14

NASA's Webb Telescope to Make a Splash in the Search for Interstellar Water

NASA's Webb Telescope will map cosmic ices

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November 13, 2017Release ID: 2017-39

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Early Science Observations Revealed

First publicly available science observations for Webb announced

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