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What Were the First Stars Like?

Short answer: We don’t really know.
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What Did the Young Universe Look Like?

The era of the universe called the Dark Ages is as mysterious as its name implies.
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Is the Milky Way Unique?

It is just one of billions of galaxies, but the Milky Way is our galaxy, our home in the universe.
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Webb's Science Tools

Each instrument has unique features that will allow astronomers to study a variety of astronomical objects in different ways.
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Why Do Planets Have Rings?

Though we think of rings as being passive, decorative elements to a planet, they're actually more like an extra-planetary surface.
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Dwarfing the Giants

What Makes Brown Dwarfs Unique?
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What Is the Center of Our Galaxy Like?

Even if humans could explore there, it would take us more than 25,000 years to reach it.
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How Can Webb Study the Early Universe?

When astronomers use a telescope to look further away, they are also looking back in time.
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How Are Stars Born?

Stars form from collapsing clouds of gas and dust.
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